Marketing & Sales

LUBCHEMICALS is committed to its customers' successes

Marketing & Sales

LUBCHEMICALS is committed to its customers' successes

An important part of this success is based on education and on effectively communicating the benefits and advantages of specific lubricant formulations to end clients.

LUBCHEMICALS develops customer-specific educational, promotional and sales tools that very effectively highlight the superior performance, durability and ROI of the customers' lubricants.

These customer-branded tools help our customers clearly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Examples of these marketing & sales value-added services include:

Development of client specific marketing & sales tools: brochures, flyers, handouts.

Industry Guides

Case study presentations and ROI analyses

Sales training seminars in the field and in-house

Graphical illustrations and animations to clearly show lubricant benefits

Mobile sales presentations for iPad including animations, videos, interactive images, picture galleries and more

Highly engaging and effective mobile sales presentations that customer reps love to give and customer prospects enjoy hearing

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