LubC,DieselGas LA

Premium QualityStationary GasDiesel Engine Oil


Base Oil Vis. @ 40 OC : 142
Pour Point / Flash Point :
- 20 / 230
Viscosity Index : 106
Sulfated Ash ,m % : 0.47
Base No, D 2896, mg KOH/g : 5.5

Application Area

LubC,DieselGas  LA is heavy - duty, low ash, mono grade crankcase oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of spark ignition, natural gas engines where oils meeting API CD and U.S. EMA Low Ash Category are recommended &
suitable for Digester gas ( biogas ) engines & Gas powered co-generation engines & Four-cycle
stationary engines on sweet natural gas or LPG &Mobile heavy-duty automotive engines converted to run on sweet natural gas or LPG.

Long Life
Natural Gas
Power Engine
Power Plant