LubC,GreaseALPlex OG

Premium Open GearGrease


Thickener : AL Complex
Base Oil : Mineral
Service Temp. °C:
-20°C to +160°C ( Max +200°C )
NLGI Grade : 0 / 00
4 Ball Weld Load : > 7000 N
FZG Test : > 12

Application Area

LubC,Grease ALPlex OG is aluminum complex saponified grease based on mineral oil. It contains fine grade graphite.  LubC,Grease ALPlex OG is designed for
automatic spray lubrication of toothed wheels, gear rings, toothed racks and pinions of any kind under high pressure and temperature operations. It suits for
lubrication of rotary furnaces or similar hot lubricating points even under dusty and wet conditions.

Corrosion Protection
Heavy Loads
High Temperature
Industrial Application
Open Gear